We propose dicing with the optimum construction method from the viewpoint of both quality and cost.

Blade dicing

  • Various blades and processing conditions are prepared and it is possible to handle from a wide scribe width (150um) to a narrow scribe width (40um).
  • Dicing experience with thin wafer (t70um).
  • Owns the condition to suppress corrosion of aluminum pad.
  • Corresponding size : 4inch - 12inch.


BG is also available. Click here for BG processing

Stealth laser dicing

  • Technology that locally performs laser processing inside the material and divides the substrate by expansion.
  • Since it is not necessary to use water like blade dicing, stealth laser dicing, which is a dry process, is effective for wafers with fragile structures such as device using thin film.
  • Compared to blade dicing, backside chipping is extremely small, making effective use of the back side possible.
  • Corresponding size : small piece - 8inch. 


Stealth laser dicing
Stealth laser dicing

Water jet laser dicing

Stealth laser dicing processing head
Stealth laser dicing processing head
  • It is a hybrid processing equipment combining blade, water jet, laser.
  • Since the laser beam is reflected within the water jet and irradiated to the work, there is no need for focusing.
  • Ideal for wafer dicing with back metal.
  • Corresponding size : 4 - 8inch.



  • SiC, alumina (purity : 99.5% or less), silicon nitride
  • LED wafer
  • Back metal wafer (Al-Si) (Ni-Si) (Cu) etc.


For details about water jet laser dicing, please click here