Etching Process

It is an essential technology for semiconductor and MEMS substrate processing.


It is also used in fields such as glass crafts, but two processes of dry and wet have been established and it is possible to pattern various materials.

Dry process

Etching is performed by bombarding ions with a reactive gas at high speed.


  • Micro hole forming for TSV by Deep-RIE.
  • High speed machining by Bosch process.
  • High aspect processing possible.

Ion milling

  • Various metal films available.

RIE-parallel plate

  • Etching of oxide film and nitride film

Wet process

Etching is performed by using chemical reaction in solution.



※We have various chemical solutions.

Single crystal silicon anisotropic etching

V-groove, angular groove

Single crystal silicon isotropic etching

Metal thin film etching

Various metals available (Ni, Pt, Cu, Ti, Cr, Al, W, Au, Ag, Ta etc.)

Glass etching